Save the Pastures Centre Campaign

FARA is part of a community campaign to protect the Pastures Centre and surrounding sites from inappropriate redevelopment.

The Pastures Youth Centre, Good Shepherd Building, and their grounds have been identified by Waltham Forest Council as a site for redevelopment. We believe the buildings and site have long suffered from under-investment and lacked promotion to potential community users. With more effective and targeted promotion of the facilities and services available, the buildings and site could be regenerated to enrich and serve the local community, and could once again become a vibrant hub to engage and inspire young people. The site also has a rich ecology, including mature trees and threatened wildlife.

More information on the campaign Facebook page

2 Responses to “Save the Pastures Centre Campaign”

  1. Anthony Powell Says:

    I was a founder member of the pastures youth club when major villiers
    Of Eaton Manor donated the money to build the club we had some great times there having group weekends away at at Thaxsted & Wicken Bonhunt ,also one year we went on holiday as a group had a
    Great time the club leader was Mr Bob Stokes.

  2. sybil ritten Says:

    Hello Is there anyway for someone not on FB or twitter to give support to this campaign. I live in Bushwood are and son used to go to Wood craft folk 30 years ago. Please forward to organiser and I will try to spread the word here.

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