CPZ Survey – reply by 11th October please

One of the issues raised at our AGM in May was the difficulty in finding parking spaces and increased congestion in Ferndale Road, Malvern Road and the upper end of Montague Road.

FARA remains neutral on the introduction of a CPZ scheme as we are aware that residents’ views are divided on parking controls. We are carrying out this survey to gather opinions in our area. If the majority of residents are now in favour of a CPZ scheme we will ask the Council to carry out a formal consultation. You can find more information on Waltham Forest CPZ schemes at: http://www.walthamforest.gov.uk/parking-permits

Please complete the short survey (links below to choice of PDF or Word files) and return to: 53 Ferndale Road, 69 Malvern Road or 143 Montague Road before 11th October, or else email your answers to info@fara-leytonstone.org.uk. FARA will also deliver hard copies of the survey to residents.

One response per household only please!


FARA CPZ SURVEY (Word version)

You are welcome to leave any comments in the box below but please note these won’t be counted towards the survey results.

4 Responses to “CPZ Survey – reply by 11th October please”

  1. Jane Etherington Says:

    We definitely need CPZ in Malvern Road. We seem to have a number of vehicles parked in Malvern Road at any one time which I understand belong to garages in the area who do not have sufficient space so they dump them in our road. Secondly, it’s good to know that the council creating additional affordable housing but more thought really needs to be given to the amount of additional vehicles these tenants will bring with them which will add to the congestion on our roads in the area. It also has to be borne in mind that once the Gospel Oak to Barking overland re-opens, no doubt more commuters will be looking for parking spaces during the day which will add to the problem.

  2. Muhammad Danish Says:

    Please can we have permit only parking on Ferndale road. People from else where leave their cars and take trains from leytonstone high road Station

  3. Kathleen Downes Says:

    If most people in Malvern and Montague Roads really do feel that the parking situation is not a problem from them, but the majority of people in Ferndale Road do request permit parking, then I would request permit parking be introduced in Ferndale Road.

  4. Kathleen Downes Says:

    How anyone can say that parking in Ferndale Road is not a problem is beyond me. Every day there are arguments over parking spaces. We still have vehicles dumped from garages for weeks on end, with tax out of date, that are clearly not roadworthy. Permit parking would stop this. As soon as one car pulls out, another is waiting to pull in.

    As for the Flats on the High Road, you cannot enforce a ‘NO CAR” policy on tenants, and the only place these cars can go to park is into Ferndale/Malvern or Montague. Permit parking would stop this. We have cars parked in Ferndale Road that belong to people who do live in a CPZ Zone, but do not want to pay for parking permit. This would also stop this.

    Even if it was only for a short period, like 10am to 12 or 2pm, it would stop people parking here and getting on the train or tube and leaving the vehicle here all day. For less than the cost of a cup of tea per week, this problem could be greatly reduced.

    I have a disabled bay, but people are constantly parking in this bay. Some have a blue badge, some do not. I have also had to report vehicles left in my bay on many occasions. Last week a vehicle was left in my bay, without a blue badge, for seven and a half hours. If a CPZ scheme is not going to be introduced in Ferndale Road, at least they should enforce the disabled bays, so that only people with a blue badge can park for up to three hours. Otherwise, people won’t go out, if they fear they can’t park when they are coming back.

    The people who say it is not a problem maybe don’t have cars and don’t want the inconvenience of getting visitors permits, which I can understand to some extent, but the road is overwhelmed with vehicles.

    Perhaps we should ask Waltham Forest to cary out a survey of how many cars come through Ferndale Road on a daily basis, that would ascertain how busy traffic is in this road. And as for the number of vehicles trying to park, I have had to call the police on a number of occasions because of rows at the top end of Ferndale Road, which is where we live. The further down the road you go, the less of a problem it is, I can see this.

    But you only have to look at the roads that do have a CPZ scheme in operation, to see how many car parking spaces are available throughout the day in these roads. Maybe there could be a compromise made, which would allow cars to park for 15 or 20 minute slots, without a permit, so the businesses on the parade between Ferndale and Davies Lane don’t suffer, but after that period, they would get a parking fine. At least Ferndale Residents would know they could return in 20 minutes and be able to park. My family support a CPZ scheme, it would reduce so much stress for us living at the top of Ferndale Road.

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