Lincolns – update

You may have noticed that Lincolns is closed (since Friday 27 February) with a notice on the door stating “Closed due to revocation of licence”.

We hear that the licence has been transferred back to Trust Inns, which means that the current tenants no longer have an Licensed Premises Supervisor and so may not sell alcohol at the pub. Therefore, it has closed.

Lincolns was still trading under appeal following the revocation of their licence, and it remains to be seen whether this appeal will still go ahead (30 March – 1 April at Waltham Forest Magistrates’ Court) or whether Trust Inns will prefer to apply for a fresh licence when they have new tenants. At this stage we are assuming the appeal will go ahead as planned.

One Response to “Lincolns – update”

  1. A Leytonstone resident Says:

    I hope the people in Davies Lane/Cotton Close/Brockway Close enjoy their new-found peaceful nights. And that Trust Inns – who have not exactly covered themselves in glory throughout this sorry affair – think long and hard about their next move. It’s hard to see how these premises can work in future. It’s a very large building, presumably expensive to run, and the temptation for whoever is managing it is to fill it with as many people as possible, drinking as much as possible, for as many hours of the day and night as possible. Which as we have seen creates intolerable problems for the people living in the vicinity. I don’t think the residents have campaigned for so long to curtail Lincolns’ licensing hours, only to sit back and let Trust Inns set up another rowdy nightclub-style operation on their doorstep – so let’s hope they come up with a better plan, otherwise this one could run and run…

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