Police call for review of Lincolns licence

The Metropolitan Police have applied for a review of Lincolns pub’s licence. If successful this will effectively take away the pub’s licence. The grounds for the review (backed up by undercover surveillance) are (1) Crime and disorder, (2) Public nuisance.

Stop Press: the hearing will be at 2pm on Thursday 13th November, in Walthamstow Assembly Hall, next to the Town Hall.

6 Responses to “Police call for review of Lincolns licence”

  1. Local to Lincolns Says:

    I’m delighted the police are calling for a review – about time! The pub is well known for drug dealing (around the premises and in the street), opening time often goes on well beyond its licensed hours ,keeping us all awake as drunk patrons fall onto the street in the small hours shrieking, singing and whatever else they may get up to (I’ve seen the condoms and rolled up tights the next morning). And then there’s the noise, from the pub’s sound system, from the patron’s car stereos and from the revving of cars and the sounding of horns – all this when I’m trying to sleep and often on weekdays. Worst of all, the customers regularly pee in the street. I’ve seen this lots of times and usually in broad daylight. The residents actually met with the landlords and told them of their problems a few years ago, the issues were written down but the problems remain the same, so all I can think is that the landlords don’t care or can’t cope. Anyone who doesn’t want Lincolns shut down should try living next door. I’ve lived on its doorstep for 6 years and it has been nothing but trouble. I really hope it gets shut because that would significantly improve my quality of life.

  2. Davies Lane resident Says:

    A well run pub would be welcome but that is far from the case with Lincolns as it is now. Lincolns’ managers have had many opportunities over the years to improve their act but they have consistently disbelieved or ignored residents’ concerns over late-night noise, antisocial activities and drunken / intimidating behaviour around the pub. If Lincolns managers are not capable of running the pub in an orderly (or legal) manner or taking some responsibility for the antisocial behaviour of customers outside the pub then they simply do not deserve to hold a licence.

  3. interested Says:

    Is the first poster suggesting they should be given special treatment due to the ethnicity of the patrons?

    Of my 6 years in the area Lincolns has been a haven for crime, disorder and public nuisance. The owners have had every chance to sort it out. Yet the same problems continue and now the POLICE want shot of them – something they don’t do lightly. The sooner it is closed the better.

  4. mkb Says:

    I don’t think that the type of customers that Lincolns attracts is important – it certainly shouldn’t be to those that decide the case. What matters is: Does Lincolns cause more problems for its neighbours than is reasonable? Does it attract crime, and anti-social behaviour, to the area?

    Sadly for Lincolns, the answer to both these questions is “yes”.

  5. A Ferndale Road resident Says:

    If the Lincolns is creating a crime hotspot something needs to be done about it! Certainly shoudln’t get longer hours anyway.

  6. thenjiwedarbey Says:

    the pub serves a big group of ethnic minorities and if possible needs to continue with the service as long as they provide necessary security.

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