Planning news – May 2008

Kind Construction (528-532 High Rd) have made a ‘change of use’ application (no 2008/0693) to convert the rear part of their first floor from storage into office space. There are some concerns over whether the new offices will result in loss of privacy for some residents in Malvern Road (and the plans are not clear as to whether replacement windows will be put in). Also the new office space is for 23 additional staff, whereas there will only be an additional 5 parking spaces on-site.

More information on the Council’s planning portal

Dr Samuel (108-110 Harrow Rd) has applied to extend the GP surgery with a front extension for pharmacy, rear extensions for additional consulting rooms and a new second floor to provide offices, meeting room and kitchen. This application is slightly away from FARA’s “patch” but may be of interest as this is the doctor’s surgery used by many local residents.

More information on the planning portal

2 Responses to “Planning news – May 2008”

  1. Flash Bristow Says:

    I wonder if it would affect Roy very much. I go to Roy’s not just with prescriptions from my local surgery but from Whipps Cross too. I’d carry on going there as he’s always been good to me. There must be lots of other people who use Roy’s who aren’t in Harrow Road’s catchment area. I would think that yes, if you get a prescription from the Harrow Road surgery you might find it more convenient to have it filled there, if you are already in the surgery, but I always send my repeats in saying “please give to Roy” because it’s easier for me to pick up from from him. And I will continue to do so! Same for getting my Whipps Cross prescriptions filled (and there is a pharmacy at the hospital but I still choose to go home and go to Roy for convenience).

  2. A Leytonstone resident Says:

    If the doctors surgery gets a pharmacy how would this affect Roys chemist on the High Road, it would be a shame if he had to close as he’s the only local chemist apart from Boots

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