New phone number to report non urgent crime

A NEW non-emergency police telephone number is being trialled in Waltham Forest.

Residents wishing to report low-level crime or anti-social behaviour, such as noise nuisance, fly-tipping or graffiti can do so by dialling 101.

Calls have a flat rate of 10p.

The scheme, which is also being piloted in Barking and Dagenham, will run until September.

One Response to “New phone number to report non urgent crime”

  1. Flash Bristow Says:

    I tried this after it had supposedly gone live, and heard a recorded message saying that it was not provided in my area…

    I know that it is a number used nationally, and the call is routed depending on where you call from, but I called from Wanstead Flats at the end of my road, so I should have been connected!

    I was only charged 10p from my mobile, but all the same it wasn’t any use!

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