Update about trees around Davies Lane School

At the AGM in May 2015, we were asked about the trees at Davies Lane School.

Just to let you know that the Committee has liaised with local councillors and the Council Officers responsible for tree preservation and we can report that:

  • Soft landscaping is yet to be fully completed.
  • Some of the newly planted trees are going to be relocated to more suitable positions, as some are too close to mature trees.
  • Several trees including the majority of the Holly and a Scots Pine are nearly dead and will have to be replaced.
  • There are two more large standard trees, one Hawthorn and one Cherry, also six feathered 2m high Silver Birch, to go in to the rear of Ferndale Road on the southern rear side of the school pond.

Hopefully, this will go some way to restoring the trees that were cut down during the school redevelopment.

For a detailed explanation of what’s happening with the school trees you can download this document: Davies Lane Tree Strategy

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