Be alert! Recent burglaries and attempted break-ins.

February and March has seen a spate of burglaries and attempted break-ins in our area. There has been a burglary in Malvern Road and another attempted through an upstairs bathroom window. There was also an attempted break-in in Ferndale Road where garden implements taken from a neighbouring property were used to try to force entry.

Residents in both Malvern and Ferndale Roads have reported seeing an intruder in their back gardens at various times over the same period. Obviously the police are doing their best to find the criminals but let’s do what we can to protect ourselves and follow the police advice:

▪ Lock up any garden tools and secure ladders so they can’t be used to break in.

▪ Make sure your home looks inhabited from both front and back when you go out (lights and radios on timers are good for this).

▪ Make sure windows are locked, including on the first floor.

▪ Lock front and back doors, even when you’re at home, as burglars have gained entry while residents are present.

▪ Don’t leave keys within reach of the front door as some burglars use ‘fishing’ techniques to hook keys through the letterbox.


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