City Airport face barrage of criticism from packed public meeting over its failure to consult on flight path changes

London City Airport came in for a barrage of criticism last night (24th November 2014) from residents over its failure to consult residents about its plans to change its flight paths at a packed meeting in St Andrews Church in Leytonstone.  Leytonstone would be one of the areas worst affected by the airport’s decision to concentrate its flights paths.

London City has refused to leaflet or hold public meetings in the areas affected.  It has simply put technical information on its website.  Last night’s meeting was staged by FORA, a local residents’ association.  It follows a Wanstead meeting organized by the campaign group HACAN East two weeks ago.

Other areas affected if the changes go through would be Bow, Leyton, Leytonstone, Wanstead and parts of Havering and Dagenham.  South of the river Eltham, Catford, Dulwich, Brixton, Stockwell and Vauxhall are in the line of fire.

The residents have won the backing of the London Assembly, Redbridge Council and leading Waltham Forest councillors.

HACAN chair John Stewart said, “This is a battle we increasingly believe we can win.  We are calling on the airport to carry out a fresh consultation.  We also want the airport to vary the flight paths so everybody gets some respite from the noise.”

The full consultation is at   It started on 4th September and runs until 27th November 2014.

For further information: John Stewart 0207 737 6641; 07957385650.


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