Resurfacing Ferndale Road from 19 November

By this time most people will have seen the notices in Ferndale Road about parking restrictions which are happening due to (much needed) road resurfacing works. Each household should have got a letter explaining more about it. For anyone who didn’t, here is a copy.

Resurfacing of Ferndale Road E11

Obviously FARA has been anxious to avoid a similar debacle to that which took place in Ferndale Road over the painting of Olympic parking bays. On that occasion we were given very little notice of the need to move our cars, and quite a few residents received tickets and fines as a result. The Council promised us at least 2 weeks’ notice next time, and we’re pleased they have kept to this.

FARA has been told that “Access will be provided in special cases for residents during working hours with prior arrangements.” So if you think you are a special case, it would be a good idea to get in touch with the Council engineer now (the email is, full details are on the Council letter).

If you have any comments to add, especially if it’s something useful to your neighbours in Ferndale Road, please feel free to write something below.

Update (1 November)

The on-street notices have now been amended to say ‘No parking’ and the daily times have been added. We have been told by the project manager that the whole of Ferndale Rd must be clear of cars on the days when resurfacing is taking place. Any cars left behind will definitely be ticketed and towed away, because this is a costly exercise that can’t be allowed to be disrupted by a few cars. We have been warned!

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