Lincolns pub – an update


Lincolns is currently in the process of being demolished. This is a 6 week process using “hand held tools”. As you can see from the photograph (taken on Monday 25 June) the inside has been stripped and work is now in progress to take down the shell.

The building was originally built about 150 years ago and sections were added over the years, so it is interesting to see what each stage uncovers.

We have had enquiries as to why the building, or its facade, is not being retained. The owners, CBHA, have told FARA that the building is in too bad a state to be retained in any way. Also, it would not be financially viable for them to do this; they need to build over a larger area of the site to make it worthwhile.

Plans for what will replace Lincolns will invariably be housing, but the plans have not been finalised. FARA is working with CBHA to ensure that local residents have input and can make them aware of issues that concern us, for example whether there will be any on-site parking. We expect to meet with CBHA again soon for their “Residents’ Design Panel”. Eventually they will need to make a planning application before they can build on the site, and we will of course post details of any planning application for the Lincolns site, as and when it happens.

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