A statement from our Chair, Flash Bristow

I am aware that I have been quoted, and misquoted, in various media regarding the proposed missile on Fred Wigg Tower during the Olympics.

I have been contacted by the media because my position with FARA meant that they could identify me as a nearby resident. However, I have always been careful to specify that, although it is a fact that I am Chair of FARA, any views I give on this subject are my own. I have explained that I do not know what other members of the Committee may think and that I am not able to speak for FARA as an organisation.

Unfortunately, one particular newspaper did not make this clear, choosing only to quote the most sensationalist phrases from my interview, and to attribute background information as if I presented this as a reason for objecting. In fact I only spoke to one UK publication, and I suspect that these quotes have been used by other media out of context, or possibly unaware of the context.

Of course, I did not speak for FARA, which is unable to hold political affiliation and which does not generally take a view on political topics.

I hope this informs and reassures members and friends of FARA, but if you have any questions please get in touch with me via email or a note through the door at 1 Davies Lane.

Flash Bristow


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