Olympic CPZ Roadshows

Olympic Temporary CPZ

This is what Cllr Clyde Loakes said in his latest email update to Leytonstone ward residents about the CPZ.

“As residents will know from the south of Lea Bridge Rd down to the Newham border eg the whole of Leytonstone and Leyton, during the period of the Olympics and Paralympics will become a temporary CPZ, in order to try and prioritise local residents during what will be an unprecedented and extremely challenging time for road and traffic management.

Residents were initially consulted by LOCOG in the autumn on their initial proposals.

This is a LOCOG initiative and we’ve tried with varying degrees of success to influence the final proposed scheme dealing with some of the consultation responses from local residents. It is highly unlikely that we will be able to secure any further concessions or changes that wouldn’t ultimately create risk to our and LOCOG’s ability to manage our roads and the traffic on them. Ultimately time is actually running out as the logistics of delivering the scheme need now to take priority.

The latest position and concessions were tested out with residents from the Leytonstone Area Residents Assoc. (LARA), last week. Despite some wishes to test LOCOG further, they received significant support inside and outside the meeting.

Residents will be written to by LOCOG over the coming week outlining some of the final details of the scheme and inviting residents to come to a number of road shows to discuss the details- dates and locations below. However we wanted to give you a heads up on where we are in advance as all of the following detail will not be in LOCOG’s letter.

  • Period of the Temporary CPZ Scheme- originally to run from 22nd June- 9th September- 80 days. Will now run from 16th July- 9th September- 54 days. A significant reduction in the days of operation.
  • Hours of Operation of the Temporary CPZ Scheme- originally 8am- 9pm- Monday- Sunday- 725 hours of operation. The WF scheme for the whole period of 16th July- 9th September will operate 8am-1pm and 3pm- 9pm- 616 hours of operation. We hope this 2 hour break everyday will enable some visitor and delivery activity to take place, whilst preventing Olympic Park visitor traffic from exploiting this free parking.
  • Visitor Permits- Originally 48 hours’ worth in total for the Olympic and Paralympic periods and unlimited during in-between period.

Going forward for the period of the Olympic Games- 21st July- 12th August- the equivalent of 4 half day permits per week will be available for visitors. Plus a Games Time Permit for 1 vehicle registered at a different to that property; this maybe for a carer, grandparents, a partner or regular visitor.

For the period in-between the Olympics and the Paralympics- 13th August- 28th August- residents will receive the equivalent of 8 half day permits per week. Plus a Games Time Permit for 1 vehicle registered at a different to that property.

For the period of the Paralympic Games- 29th August- 9th September- the equivalent of 4 half day permits per week will be available for visitors. Plus a Games Time Permit for 1 vehicle registered at a different to that property.

On like for like this is an increase from 48 hours to 80 hours on visitor permits, plus there is now the 2 hours a day between 1-3pm and the Games Time Permit. This will create a significant increase in visitor capacity and flexibility during the duration of the Games.

  • There will be an emergency contact number.

All resident’s permits and allocated visitors permits will be free as will the Games Time Permit. The same vehicle could be registered for the Games Time Permit for the whole duration if required but at this stage and it is highly likely to remain the same only 1 vehicle can be registered for this permit for each of the 3 periods eg it will not be possible to change the vehicle entitled during each of the Olympic, in-between or Paralympic periods to cover 2 or 3 separate vehicles in each period.

Road markings for the location of signage is already started to be marked out on affected roads.

The road shows- details below- will explain how the scheme will work, how to apply and receive your permits and any other questions you may have.

Thurs 8th March

4–8pm  Leyton Leisure Lagoon (Plum Tree Studio), 763 High Road, Leyton E10 5AB

Tues 13th March

4–8pm   The Epicentre, 41 West Street, Leytonstone E11 4LJ

Wed 14th March

4–8pm   Leytonstone Library, Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1GH

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