Lincolns pub to be demolished to make way for flats?

The Lincolns site is in the process of being bought by CBHA, a housing association. FARA chair Flash met with Freya Johnstone from CBHA to find out more.

The site is still owned by Trust Inns at present but CBHA expect to complete the sale soon. Their current plans include:

  • Demolishing the existing building
  • Creating a new building, which will be level with the back and front of the neighbouring block, and the same height (4 storeys)
  • This new building will contain 3 flats on each floor, and the top two floors would be shared ownership with the bottom two being social housing rentals
  • There would also be two houses along the side in Davies Lane, similar in size to the existing terraced houses

FARA expressed concerns about amenity space, the lack of parking space, loss of the historic frontage of Lincolns (historically known as The Elms), and the number of people which would be accommodated. CBHA had considered each of these issues, although their plans do include loss of the historic frontage. We then had a site visit and looked at issues like the niche behind Lincolns on Pastures Path which attracts anti-social behaviour, so this could be designed out.

It was a productive initial meeting in which we could establish a dialogue and find out the early stages of CBHA’s plans. In due course, CBHA will complete the purchase of the Lincolns site and put in a formal planning application – at that point FARA will take an official view on the plans, and of course keep you posted!

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