Distraction burglaries – be aware!

This evening, there has been a distraction burglary in Davies Lane. Unfortunately one of the older members of our community lost a quantity of cash. The police would like us to remind you to be aware and alert!

Description: 2 men pretending to be from the Water Board; they then left the front door open for a third man to enter while they kept the occupants talking.

The men are described as mixed race (probably Asian-mixed race) and in their 20s.

Please keep an eye out for three men of this description, and if you have an elderly neighbour, please look out for them – remind them about distraction burglaries and also not to keep cash in the house.

This is also a good time to remind you that if you need them, we have security tins (that look like baked beans) if you do want to keep valuables or cash – hide them among your tinned veg! We also have 24-hr segment timers, chains to secure your wallet to your belt or handbag, and UV pens to mark your property. These are all supplied by the police and if you would like any of these items, please just contact flash@fara-leytonstone.org.uk or drop a note to 1 Davies Lane.

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