Beware “cheap security alarm” scam

We have heard recently about two similar scams where residents are cold called with an offer of cheap or free security alarms – but the callers don’t tell you it comes with a hugely expensive maintenance contract.


One of our members received a call from a young man claiming to be carrying out phone research on behalf of the ‘National Crime Research Group’. Being suspicions of the questions he was asking, the resident ended the call. Subsequently we discovered it relates to this scam. See news story in the local Guardian.


Our Neighbourhood Watch coordinator tells us these people are offering a deal on burglar alarms that sounds too good to be true … and it is. They will normally ring up and say they are recommended by the police, local authority and Neighbourhood Watch and offer a deal on the system for a very small amount of money. They then tie people into a rip-off service contract that lasts for years.

If a similar approach is made to you, DO NOT sign anything but get in contact with Consumer Direct on 08454 040506 and let them know the circumstances.

A point to remember is that any reputable security company will not cold call as they do not need to. If you are interested in getting an alarm system you can find a company on the National Security Inspectorate website

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