Snow is coming – let’s get salting!

The Met Office is expecting heavy snowfall across London tonight and in the coming days.

To clear your driveway or the pavement outside your home, you can collect bags of salt from bins at the bus station on Kirkdale Road, and the bus station on the other side of the tube on Grove Green Road. The bins contain 15kg bags of salt, so you may wish to drive or get the bus home with one! The council has said that they will endeavour to keep the bins stocked throughout the cold weather.

Please do clear the pavement outside your house if you can: first sweep the snow off, then lay down some salt to deal with any residual snow or ice. Although snow looks pretty, compacted snow and ice can be dangerous to walk on, and for elderly and disabled people it may be impossible and mean they are unable to leave the house. Let’s see if we can keep the Ferndale Area pavements clear, so that everyone can come and go safely!

[Update on 6 January: The bins are now being stocked with loose salt so you may wish to take a bag and scoop out with you.]

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