Do you want a car club in our area?

The car club Streetcar wants to come to Waltham Forest and the council has identified several places across the borough where their cars might be parked. One of these places  is at the top of Ferndale Road between the High Road and number 2. If successful, two parking spaces would be marked as dedicated car club bays, and only car club hire cars could park there.

It is already quite hard to find a parking space in Ferndale Road, and a couple of parking spaces would be lost if this scheme goes ahead. Then again, perhaps it would encourage people to give up their cars and so relieve the pressure on parking spaces?

Whatever you think, the council want to know.

You can find out more on the council’s website: 
where you can download a questionnaire, and find more information about the proposed bays (including this PDF document relating to the proposed bays in Ferndale Road).

The deadline for responses to the council is 2 February.

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