Thames Water Pipeline

Users of Wanstead Flats will have noticed that preparatory work on the new Thames Water pipeline has begun. FARA committee member Flash Bristow attended a recent drop-in session for members of the public – this is what she learned about the water works:

Re: road closures – Bushwood itself will be closed in short sections (i.e. a rolling closure) but Bush Road (used for the rat run up to the Green Man) will be fine although the pipeline does cross it.

They think the only problem we would have is if anyone is displaced from Bushwood onto other routes, but it’s such a residential area that I doubt they will do that.

They are also avoiding the SSSI and the stag beetle habitats, and where they have to cut through acid grassland they are cutting and stacking the turf to replace afterwards. In areas of poorer quality grassland where it cannot be cut, they will collect local seeds and replant.


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