Update about trees around Davies Lane School

At the AGM in May 2015, we were asked about the trees at Davies Lane School.

Just to let you know that the Committee has liaised with local councillors and the Council Officers responsible for tree preservation and we can report that:

  • Soft landscaping is yet to be fully completed.
  • Some of the newly planted trees are going to be relocated to more suitable positions, as some are too close to mature trees.
  • Several trees including the majority of the Holly and a Scots Pine are nearly dead and will have to be replaced.
  • There are two more large standard trees, one Hawthorn and one Cherry, also six feathered 2m high Silver Birch, to go in to the rear of Ferndale Road on the southern rear side of the school pond.

Hopefully, this will go some way to restoring the trees that were cut down during the school redevelopment.

For a detailed explanation of what’s happening with the school trees you can download this document: Davies Lane Tree Strategy

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Grow Wild! Wild flower planting scheme

Grow Wild is a lottery funded initiative, based at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. It aims to inspire local communities to come together to transform their environment by sowing and growing native wild flowers.

FARA has been accepted to participate in the wildflower growing scheme and get free seeds for residents. The plan is to create ‘bee friendly streets’ by growing a variety of wild flowers in beds or containers. We’ll let residents know when the seed kits arrive around the end of March. More information at www.growwilduk.com



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Be alert! Recent burglaries and attempted break-ins.

February and March has seen a spate of burglaries and attempted break-ins in our area. There has been a burglary in Malvern Road and another attempted through an upstairs bathroom window. There was also an attempted break-in in Ferndale Road where garden implements taken from a neighbouring property were used to try to force entry.

Residents in both Malvern and Ferndale Roads have reported seeing an intruder in their back gardens at various times over the same period. Obviously the police are doing their best to find the criminals but let’s do what we can to protect ourselves and follow the police advice:

▪ Lock up any garden tools and secure ladders so they can’t be used to break in.

▪ Make sure your home looks inhabited from both front and back when you go out (lights and radios on timers are good for this).

▪ Make sure windows are locked, including on the first floor.

▪ Lock front and back doors, even when you’re at home, as burglars have gained entry while residents are present.

▪ Don’t leave keys within reach of the front door as some burglars use ‘fishing’ techniques to hook keys through the letterbox.

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Food Bank donation drive

Ferndale Area Residents Association organised another food bank drive just before Christmas. We were overwhelmed by your generosity. The donations filled the whole of the back of the car with the seats folded down!

To make a donation, or to refer a family in need, please contact Leytonstone Children’s Centre on 020 8496 2960, 8 Cathall Road, E11 4LF.


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City Airport face barrage of criticism from packed public meeting over its failure to consult on flight path changes

London City Airport came in for a barrage of criticism last night (24th November 2014) from residents over its failure to consult residents about its plans to change its flight paths at a packed meeting in St Andrews Church in Leytonstone.  Leytonstone would be one of the areas worst affected by the airport’s decision to concentrate its flights paths.

London City has refused to leaflet or hold public meetings in the areas affected.  It has simply put technical information on its website.  Last night’s meeting was staged by FORA, a local residents’ association.  It follows a Wanstead meeting organized by the campaign group HACAN East two weeks ago.

Other areas affected if the changes go through would be Bow, Leyton, Leytonstone, Wanstead and parts of Havering and Dagenham.  South of the river Eltham, Catford, Dulwich, Brixton, Stockwell and Vauxhall are in the line of fire.

The residents have won the backing of the London Assembly, Redbridge Council and leading Waltham Forest councillors.

HACAN chair John Stewart said, “This is a battle we increasingly believe we can win.  We are calling on the airport to carry out a fresh consultation.  We also want the airport to vary the flight paths so everybody gets some respite from the noise.”

The full consultation is at http://www.londoncityairport.com/londonairspacemanagement.   It started on 4th September and runs until 27th November 2014.

For further information: John Stewart 0207 737 6641; 07957385650.

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Halloween 2014


With Halloween coming up, it is worth bearing in mind advice from Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator Bill Nesbit. He suggests that children don’t go out trick and treating without being accompanied by an adult.

If you do not want any trick or treat callers, posters are available which can be printed off and displayed in your window. See Halloween-Window-Poster.  If you don’t have internet access, contact your street co-ordinator.

To report a crime in progress, dial 999. Ring 101 for other crimes. The Safer Neighbourhood Teams can be contacted on 020 8721 2036 (Cann Hall) and 020 8721 2874 (Leytonstone).

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Street Party 2014

Street party 3 Street party 2 Street party 1 Food bank 2 Food bank Street party  badge

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