The name of the Association will be Ferndale Area Residents Association, referred to hereafter as FARA or “the Association”.

a) The Ferndale Area comprises Davies Lane, Cotton Close, Ferndale Road, Malvern Road, and the section of Montague Road between Ferndale Road and Cookes Close, all in London E11.
b) To encourage a community spirit in the Ferndale area.
c) To help reduce crime and antisocial behaviour by operating a Neighbourhood Watch scheme and working with local residents, the police, the Council, etc.
d) To help protect and improve the built and natural environment in the Ferndale area, and in neighbouring areas as appropriate.
e) To protect and improve the amenities of members and other local residents, where these do not conflict with other aims and objectives.
f) To encourage the regeneration of the surrounding area, including Leytonstone Town Centre.
g) FARA shall seek to co-operate with other Residents’ Associations and relevant organisations where this will further its aims and objectives.
h) FARA may affiliate to organisations that may be of assistance in pursuing its aims and objectives.

a) Membership shall be open to all residents in the Ferndale Area regardless of gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity or religious faith. FARA shall have no political or religious affiliation.
b) We shall welcome all sections of the community and will seek to provide inclusive access to FARA meetings and activities.

a) Membership shall be open to all residents in the Ferndale Area who support the aims and objectives of the Society and pay the annual subscription.
b) Associate membership shall be available (on payment of the relevant subscription) to:-
• All previous members of the Association who no longer live in the Area.
• All persons who trade from business premises in the Area.
Associate members will not be eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting nor may they serve on the Executive Committee.

a) The subscription year will be from 1 January to 31 December.
b) The rate of annual subscription may not be altered without proposal by committee and agreement by simple majority at an annual general meeting.
c) Any new member who joins on or after 30 September in any subscription year shall have membership until the close of the next successive year.
d) Terms of membership for Associate Members will be fixed by the committee.

a) The Association shall be managed by an Executive Committee which shall be elected at an annual general meeting.
b) The Executive Committee will consist of the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, other officers and members but not exceeding twenty in total.
c) Meetings of the Committee will be conducted in accordance with the rules agreed by the committee and revised by them when necessary. Voting at Committee meetings will be by a show of hands and resolutions will be passed by a simple majority.
d) A quorum of the Executive Committee will consist of no less than five elected members.
e) The Committee may co-opt members by a simple majority of those present at a quorate meeting provided that the maximum number of Committee members is not exceeded.
f) The Committee may authorise or appoint sub-committees for specific purposes and may delegate to such sub-committees such of its functions as it deems expedient.
g) Any Committee member who is absent from three consecutive Committee meetings and who on each occasion has not communicated to send apologies for absence may be deemed to have resigned from the Committee.
h) Only the Chair, Vice-Chair or Committee members with delegated responsibilities agreed by the Committee will be empowered to speak or write on behalf of the Association to the press or other media.

a) An Annual General Meeting will be held between 1 April and 30 June each year for the purposes of receiving an annual report of the Committee, the accounts of the Association, election of Committee members and any other business for which due notice has been given.
b) All Committee members will resign at the Annual General Meeting but may offer themselves for re-election.
c) The quorum of an Annual General Meeting will be the number of outgoing Committee members plus five.
d) Any proposed amendments to the constitution must be served to the secretary in writing at least fourteen days before an Annual General Meeting and will be accepted if approved by at least two thirds of those members present at such meeting.
e) Serving Committee members will continue to serve on the Committee for twenty eight days after the election of a new Committee.
f) Voting will be by a show of hands or by other means as agreed at the meeting.

a) An Extraordinary General Meeting is a general meeting of all members of the Association other than the AGM.
b) An EGM can be called by 7 or more members.
c) Details of any EGM must be distributed to all members at least 28 days in advance.

a) All monies received by or on behalf of the Association will be applied to further the objects of the Association and for no other purpose.
b) The Treasurer will keep proper records and accounts of the Association and will operate bank account(s) in the name of the Association.
c) The accounts will be audited once a year by a person or persons approved by the Committee and approved at the Annual General Meeting.
d) The financial year will end on 31 December each year.
e) All accounts and books of the Association will be available for inspection to any member on reasonable notice to the treasurer.
f) The bank account(s) will have as signatories at least three Committee members designated by the Committee with any two to sign.

a) The Association may at any time be dissolved by a resolution supported by the votes of not less than two thirds of those present at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting, for which at least one calendar month’s notice shall have been sent to all paid-up members.
b) In the event of the Association being dissolved, any money accrued after payment of all outstanding debts will be donated to a similar organisation, preferably in Waltham Forest.

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