Distraction burglaries – be aware!

This evening, there has been a distraction burglary in Davies Lane. Unfortunately one of the older members of our community lost a quantity of cash. The police would like us to remind you to be aware and alert!

Description: 2 men pretending to be from the Water Board; they then left the front door open for a third man to enter while they kept the occupants talking.

The men are described as mixed race (probably Asian-mixed race) and in their 20s.

Please keep an eye out for three men of this description, and if you have an elderly neighbour, please look out for them – remind them about distraction burglaries and also not to keep cash in the house.

This is also a good time to remind you that if you need them, we have security tins (that look like baked beans) if you do want to keep valuables or cash – hide them among your tinned veg! We also have 24-hr segment timers, chains to secure your wallet to your belt or handbag, and UV pens to mark your property. These are all supplied by the police and if you would like any of these items, please just contact flash@fara-leytonstone.org.uk or drop a note to 1 Davies Lane.

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Beware “cheap security alarm” scam

We have heard recently about two similar scams where residents are cold called with an offer of cheap or free security alarms – but the callers don’t tell you it comes with a hugely expensive maintenance contract.


One of our members received a call from a young man claiming to be carrying out phone research on behalf of the ‘National Crime Research Group’. Being suspicions of the questions he was asking, the resident ended the call. Subsequently we discovered it relates to this scam. See news story in the local Guardian.


Our Neighbourhood Watch coordinator tells us these people are offering a deal on burglar alarms that sounds too good to be true … and it is. They will normally ring up and say they are recommended by the police, local authority and Neighbourhood Watch and offer a deal on the system for a very small amount of money. They then tie people into a rip-off service contract that lasts for years.

If a similar approach is made to you, DO NOT sign anything but get in contact with Consumer Direct on 08454 040506 and let them know the circumstances.

A point to remember is that any reputable security company will not cold call as they do not need to. If you are interested in getting an alarm system you can find a company on the National Security Inspectorate website http://www.nsi.org.uk/.

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Doggie event is reported in the local press

Our recent “Doggie Doos – and Don’ts” event has been featured in the Waltham Forest Guardian. To see the story and picture, just follow this link.

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Car crime alert

Keep your car and its belongings safe!

Over the last week, residents have noticed break-ins to cars on Davies Lane. Youths have also been seen looking into vehicles.

In order to deter criminals, don’t leave valuables on show. This includes removing the front panel from your stereo, and if you have sat-nav you should also remove the sucker, and ensure there is no sucker mark on your windscreen. Keep your car locked, even if you are just leaving it for a minute. Display a “no valuables inside” sign.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a break-in, always report it to the police. This is important so that they can be aware of hot-spots and allocate their resources to target problem areas.

To report a crime (after the event) or for more information, call the Cann Hall Safer Neighbourhoods Team on 020 8721 2036.

If you see a crime in progress, call 999 immediately.

If you would like leaflets from the police on vehicle crime – including bike or caravan – please contact Flash Bristow at 1 Davies Lane on flash@gorge.org or 07939 579090.

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Mugging in Davies Lane

Unfortunately, there was a mugging in Davies Lane this morning. It is thought that it may have been an opportunistic attack as there was nobody else in the street at the time.

Therefore please be aware there may be a “chancer” in the area, and take care when out and about at quiet times of day.

If you require any advice about personal safety, please contact the Safer Neighbourhoods Team on 020 8721 2036.

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New phone number to report non urgent crime

A NEW non-emergency police telephone number is being trialled in Waltham Forest.

Residents wishing to report low-level crime or anti-social behaviour, such as noise nuisance, fly-tipping or graffiti can do so by dialling 101.

Calls have a flat rate of 10p.

The scheme, which is also being piloted in Barking and Dagenham, will run until September.

Car crime: don’t lose your sat nav!

Although reported car crime has been falling in Waltham Forest as a whole, our area is still suffering – so we should all take extra care not to leave valuables in our cars.  A popular target for thieves is the satellite navigation system (sat nav). If you have one of these, you are strongly advised never to leave it unattended in your car and also to remove any telltale marks on your windscreen caused by the “cradle” (you could keep wet wipes in your car to do this).

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New contact details for our Safer Neighbourhoods Team

The Cann Hall Safer Neighbourhoods Team has moved into the new police station in Kirkdale Road (the old Leytonstone police station has now closed).

The new contact telephone number for the SNT is 020 8721 2036 or 07843 291116.

Email the team at CannHall.snt@met.police.uk

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Cats go missing – owners beware

A great many cats have been disappearing in our area over the last few months. Cann Hall councillor Keith Rayner is collecting information on cats that go missing to see if there’s any pattern to the disappearances. So please take extra care of your cat, but if it does happen to go missing, please email cllr.keith.rayner@walthamforest.gov.uk in addition to taking all the other usual measures. (Comprehensive advice for people with lost cats can be found on the Catchat charity website, http://www.catchat.org/lost.html.)

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